The pandemic has profoundly changed our habits when it comes to work, school, sports and social activities.

We learned to replace real experiences with virtual ones, thus adapting to a “new” normal.


Covid-19 has inevitably altered many aspects of our lives, including how work is structured.

In Italy, for example, only 1.7% of employees availed of Smart Working pre-2020. The pandemic accelerated the introduction of this new mode of working, today seeing some 8.2 million workers completing their job in smart-mode.

Equally, schools held lessons remotely to prevent the spread of the virus, involving around 90% of children. Some Italian research institutes estimate that, due to a low-quality network connection or a lack of computer tools, about 3 million students have had difficulty with distance learning.


Working from home or completing lessons remotely requires adequate workstations, functional computers, headphones and a microphone, specific programs, as well as a reliable power supply.

Indeed, today more than ever, devices need a guaranteed and stable power supply to ensure a continuous internet connection.

There are various forms of power disturbances – transient, interruptions, voltage breaks or reductions, surges or over-voltages, waveform distortions, fluctuations in voltage and frequency – resulting in a series of interruptions to the normal operation of electrical appliances.

These functional anomalies can result in a whole host of practical problems, such as the loss of a file or of the data contained therein, interruptions to an important meeting, the loss of a test or exam and in the most serious cases, even permanent damage to the connected equipment.


One entirely effective solution for protecting yourself from network disturbances is to acquire a UPS system.


What is a UPS and how does it work?

A static Uninterruptible Power Supply (or, UPS) is a device that is interposed between the power supply and the devices to be protected, in order to provide electricity to the peripherals even if the network cuts out.

Batteries installed inside the UPS provide autonomy to the connected devices during any blackouts – the greater the number and capacity of the batteries present, the greater the autonomy of connected devices. In this way, should there be an outage, the user can always save their progress and shut down in an orderly, safe and proper manner.

Purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply is thus the most effective way to ensure continuous, clean and reliable power to our technological tools.


Amongst the various UPS models on the market, the Line Interactive offers excellent protection for your home devices against the aforementioned power disturbances. This type of UPS is not only economically accessible but is also easy to use and ensures good performance at the same time.

The Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply delivers power to the connected devices in the event of a blackout whilst being characterised by AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) technology – a function that ensures constant stabilisation of the output voltage, thus providing additional protection in the event of power surges and over-voltages.


GTEC’s Line Interactive UPS

GTEC has a specific range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies tailored to the needs of private users and small businesses.

Indeed, the PULSE, LP120 and TP130N models are UPS devices with Line Interactive technology, designed specifically for Small Office and Home Office applications.


PULSE is the user-friendly, lightweight and compact UPS designed for all home users wanting to protect their electronic devices from blackouts and over-voltages.

Equipped with AVR technology, the PULSE adapts perfectly to major everyday peripherals, including computers, TVs, modems and gaming consoles.


LP120 is the Line Interactive UPS with pure sine wave output. It is top of the range for Home Office applications and is perfectly compatible with active PFC power supplies.

Such features render this device the perfect solution for protecting the most sensitive home devices, such as gaming PCs and MACs, stereos, pellet stoves or archiving servers.


The TP130N series incorporates the best technology available for a Line Interactive UPS.

Top-tier features, such as the Power Factor 0.9 and pure sine wave output, are combined with the incredible flexibility of use, rendering the TP130N a UPS that leaves nothing to be desired compared with the most expensive Double Conversion Online models, being ideal for protecting high-end computers, servers and other computer systems.





Power range

From 650 to 2000 VA

From 1000 to 2000 VA From 1100 to 3000 VA
Output Waveform

Simulated sinewave

Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave

Power Factor

0.6 0.7






LCD Display




Number of batteries

Up to 2

Up to 2

Up to 6


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