UPS Line Interactive GTEC PULSE


Power range: 650 – 2000 VA


PULSE is the user friendly UPS designed for all users who need to protect their electronic devices from blackouts and overloads.

Equipped with AVR technology, PULSE perfectly fits to any kind of peripheral, from computers to TV, from modem to gaming consoles, both at home or at office.




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AVR technology

PULSE constantly stabilizes the output voltage, protecting connected devices even in the event of power surges and overloads.


Monitoring software

Thanks to the included software it is possible to monitor the UPS status and to set customized auto-shutdown options.

An electrical pulse against blackouts!

PULSE is the single-phase UPS with Line Interactive technology specifically designed to protect electronic devices for domestic environments and small offices.

Thin and small sized, PULSE Uninterruptible Power Supply can satisfy any kind of need also thanks to the wide power range available, with 5 sizes from 650 VA up to 2000 VA. In the event of a blackout the load will still be powered, and you’ll always enough time to save your data and to safely turn off the connected devices.

Equipped with all the best features of Line Interactive UPSs, such as the AVR stabilizer (Automatic Voltage Regulator), the dedicated monitoring software, or the Cold Start function, PULSE is the ideal UPS for PC, game console, Smart TV , modems, routers, and many other electronic devices.


  • 5 power sizes available, up to 2000 VA
  • AVR voltage stabilizer
  • Automatic restart once mains come back
  • Batteries recharge even with the UPS turned off
  • Cold Start function
  • Free monitoring software included
  • Protection filter for the telephone/modem line
  • Simulated sine wave output

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