TP130 UPS line-interactive with AVR


Power range: 1100 – 3000 VA


High end features, such as a 0.9 Power Factor and pure sinewave output, coupled with a full array of options and application flexibility make TP130N the ideal UPS to protect computers, servers and other IT Systems.





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Tower or Rack

The UPS can be installed both in tower mode or inside any standard 19″ rack cabinet

Protection system

The system emits a warning signal and it turns off automatically if an overload or a short circuit occurs

Hot-Swap design

TP130N is designed to get easy and fast battery replacement operations

The best of Line Interactive technology

TP130N is the Line Interactive UPS capable of providing the high performances normally expected from a double conversion Online model, and that can be installed both in tower mode or inside any standard 19″ rack cabinet.



Top performance

With TP130N series, GTEC offers the highest performance available today with the UPS Line Interactive market. A 0.9 Power Factor and pure sinewave output are indeed typical features normally found in more sophisticated double conversion Online UPS.

The system is also equipped with high-end technical solutions such as EPO control, hot-swap battery strings and a professional communication interface.



High flexibility

TP130N is an extremely versatile range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, made up of four models with varying power outputs ranging from 1.1 to 3 kVA.

Models can be equipped with a supersized charger (KS version) and in order to increase the autonomy time to the desired level matching external battery packs are available.

The possibility of mounting both in tower as well as in rack mode inside standard 19” cabinets, makes TP130N a UPS that can meet any specific user’s installation request.




  • Power Factor 0.9
  • Pure sine wave output
  • AVR voltage stabilizer
  • User friendly LCD display
  • Rack/Tower convertible
  • Hot-Swap battery strings
  • Cold Start function
  • Interface SNMP, USB, Dry Contacts, AS400, MODBUS
  • External batteries available for higher autonomy
  • Increased battery charger version available (KS version)

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