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Maximum technical expertise not only for our UPS designing, bur always shared as a resource for our partners.
That’s our vision!


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An amazing launch!


Take flight with DISCOVERY: the new threephase medium power UPS that combines minimum footprint and maximum performance.


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The single-phase UPS with higher power density!


Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 98% makes SHIELD the ideal solution for IT applications and telecommunication systems.


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New Must900 modular UPS Gtec

We work with passion


Here in GTEC we constantly pursue innovation, without renouncing to the typical artisan tradition values.


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Small companies, self-employed workers and home users increasingly need for quality power supply, in order to protect their sensitive and valuable electronic devices from power surges and blackouts.
G-Tec meets these users’ needs with compact, silent, and efficient UPSs, that can be monitored by intuitive management software.


Data centers, storage serversIT systems and telecommunication services are today the beating heart of so many Companies, and they often bring huge economic investments.
Modular and rack UPSs represent the best solution to ensure continuity of service for these specific application areas, where configuration flexibility, redundancy setups, intervention speed and space management optimization represent real critical factors.


For all those places that manage a large turnout of people, such as colleges, auditoriums, cinemas or hospitals, power supply continuity is the main key to ensure the provided service quality.
In such situations is therefore essential to rely on highly efficient UPSs that can properly work in stressful conditions, avoiding dangerous downtime thanks to their high reliability, noiselessness, and specific operating standards compliance.


Industrial environments require very strong and reliable UPS systems: enough autonomy must be guaranteed even in the hardest environment, usually characterized by dust, humidity, vibrations and high temperatures.
This kind of situations suggest to employ powerful three-phase UPSs, with high IP degree and top level performance, in order to avoid any  kind of downtime that can cause long inactivity times and strong economic losses for these specific production plants.


Nowadays the transport area is increasingly featured by sophisticated electronic devices.
Infrastructures such as highways, airports, railways or subways cannot afford long downtime and at the same time they absolutely need ongoing monitoring services.
Electrical continuity must be guaranteed by technically advanced UPSs, with high protection degree and the best remote communication features available, also compliant with the standards of the specific sector.


Emergency applications such as fire systems, carbon monoxide detectors or other alarm systems require extremely reliable UPSs, compliant to the EN50171 standard requirements.
These special uninterruptible power supplies meet the standard required by providing maximum autonomy level, minimum charging times, and an advanced overload management system.

GTEC is technical sponsor


Even this year GTEC gets on track with GRESINI RACING as technical sponsor for the MotoE World Championship.


The MotoE class is the maximum competition reserved for full electric motorcycles: a category that fully represents some of the essential values ​​for GTEC, such as technological innovation and eco-sustainable philosophy.


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GTEC supports WelfareCare for breast cancer prevention

Breast cancer touches 1 woman out of 8, and this data is also increasing for women under the age of 50. However, in many instances, this pathology can be prevented or diagnosed at a very early stage.   The WelfareCare is committed to the breast cancer prevention...

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