MiniMUST the ups for critical load and datacenter



Power range: 10 – 90 kVA


MINIMUST is the innovative small modular UPS designed to be both installed in stand-alone mode and in rack mode inside a standard 19’’ cabinet.

MINIMUST ensures Power Factor 1 and achieves best performance in its category, while guaranteeing unique ease of use and installation.


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MINIMUST can be both installed as stand-alone UPS and in rack mode inside a standard 19” cabinet and it can be configured in 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3 modes.



The system is projected to satisfy the potential power increase requirements by simply adding one or more modules.


Hot Swap Design


Power modules, as well as the centralized bypass unit, are easily replaceable thanks to the Hot Swap technology.

MINIMUST: a perfect mix of reliability and flexibility


MINIMUST is an extremely versatile and reliable solution that can easily be adapted to any type of installation.

The system can mount 10 or 15 kVA modules and can be configured in 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3 modes, both as stand-alone UPS and in rack mode inside a standard 19” cabinet.

Thanks to its unique modular design, MINIMUST can also operate in redundancy n+1, even for medium/low power sizes. In this way it is possible to configure one power module more than what is necessary for covering the base load, thus ensuring an almost zero probability of shutdown.



Cutting edge technology

MINIMUST is made with the latest generation components and state-of-the-art technology such as: rectifier and inverter IGBT, DSP microprocessor and tropicalised boards with high reliability.

The system is then characterized by the completely Hot Swap Control and Bypass Modules.



The MINIMUST range is composed by three different configurations, so to meet the specific installation needs of each user.

The 10/20 kVA version can accommodate up to 2 power modules, while the 10/40 kVA version can host up to 4 units 10 kVA power modules. Both versions can be configured in 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3 modes.

MINIMUST 10/60 – 15/90, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 6 power modules, at 10 kVA or 15 kVA respectively. This version can be set in 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3 modes for the 10/60 kVA model and in 3/3 mode for the 15/90 kVA model.

Advanced communication

MINIMUST is equipped with an advanced 7” colour touch screen display that allows to quickly monitor the system status, as well as to directly change the main settings.

Also available on the panel is are the EPO (Emergency Power Off) button and a LED indicator that takes on a different colour depending on the operating modes and conditions.


Smart Parallel Management

MINIMUST is equipped with an innovative power modules control system that maximises UPS performance and duration.

Depending on the requirements, the system is indeed able to automatically manage the operation of the modules, switching them on and off according to the load level and operating hours.


  • Power up to 90 k VA
  • Efficiency up to 95% in Normal Mode
  • Rectifier and inverter with IGBT technology
  • Tropicalised boards
  • 7” touch screen display
  • Hot Swap Bypass module
  • Redundancy N+1
  • Smart Parallel Management function

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