Power range: 10 – 40 kVA


Find out the real innovation!

FLEXY is the first UPS that includes the typical flexibility of the modular structure into a customized “All in One” solution.
In a single cabinet you’ll find all the advantages of a G-Tec modular UPS, with power up to 40kW, internal Hot Swap batteries, and the highest degree of configurability ever seen on the market.

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FLEXY offers the highest configurability level available on the market. Anyone can easily create the combination tailor made for his needs

All in one


FLEXY is a 100% independent solution: a single standard 19” cabinet that contains an autonomous and complete UPS system



FLEXY has been made using the best technology available, and taking care of every detail since the designing stage

The first, real, tailor made UPS

The new modular UPS FLEXY comes to life with a specific purpose: we wanted to provide a tailor-made solution that fits every single user’s needs.
Through many options available it is possible to create a wide range of combinations, all enclosed in a single standard cabinet.
Once defined your setup preferences, FLEXY becomes a unique solution, tailor-made for each specific requirement.



Top performance

Among the medium-sized UPSs, with power up to 40kVA, FLEXY is the only one equipped with the latest generation components only.
The three levels inverter technology with IGBT, the rectifier with PFC, the DSP microprocessors and the Power Factor 1 power modules guarantee real top of the range performance.


Easy maintenance

FLEXY’s structure has also been designed to facilitate preventive ordinary maintenance, in order to guarantee the best user experience.
All system’s main components are hot-swappable, also including battery strings as well as the bypass module. So it’s always possible to carry out maintenance operations in double conversion mode, with no need to transfer the load to main supply.


Maximum configurability

FLEXY can take many different forms, all in a single 19” 42U cabinet. From power modules to battery strings, from in/out switches to integrated distribution brackets: there are so many parameters and optional, already available, that users can add and setup according to their needs.


Guaranteed reliability

In addition to redundancy and Sleep Mode function, typical for all G-Tec modular UPSs, FLEXY offers a wide series of features so as to optimize system operation, extending all components extended life.
Many accessories such as lacquered PCBs, dust filter and variable speed fans are part of the UPS standard equipment.



  • Power up to 40kVA
  • Power Factor 1
  • Up to 98.4% efficiency
  • Rectifier and inverter with IGBT technology
  • Lacquered PCBs
  • 7” color LCD display with touch screen function
  • Plug&play battery strings
  • Hot swap Bypass module
  • N+1 redundancy

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