Product range 10 – 40 kVA


DISCOVERY is the stand-alone three-phase UPS characterised by an extremely compact and at the same time highly performing state-of-the-art structure.

The system, while guaranteeing extremely small dimensions, assures top performance compared to its product category, like Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 96.6%.


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Minimum footprint

DISCOVERY is the threephase UPS with extremely small dimensions, that is perfect to be installed even in the tightest spaces.

High performance

Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 96.6% represents the top performance for a medium power threephase UPS.

DISCOVERY: the threephase UPS which matches minimum footprint and great performance!


DISCOVERY is the transformerless UPS with high performance, specially designed to be installed even in very small spaces.

The system, while guaranteeing extremely compact size, is designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and components, like IGBT inverter, DSP dual core microprocessor and speed-controlled fans.

DISCOVERY series is also very flexible and able to adapt to most user’s needs. The system is indeed available in 5 power sizes, from 10 to 40 kVA, and it can be setup in 1/1, 3/1 and 3/3 modes.




Minimum footprint

Ground dimensions are less than 0.33 m², or 13.6% less than the previous generation, and allows a significant reduction in the environmental impact due to transport, as well as the space occupied in the warehouse.

Likewise, the weight of the UPS is very low, thus bringing additional advantages related to the transport phases and in terms of the amount of material to be disposed of.


Maximum efficiency

DISCOVERY delivers superior performance over other medium-powered three-phase UPSs.

The system is able to achieve 96% overall efficiency already at 27% applied load, and touches the tip of 96.6% efficiency in the range between 50% and 70% load.


Battery management

GTEC paid great attention to the battery compartment design.

The UPS can mount up to 2 strings of 40 batteries in the standard version and it can also be equipped with an increased battery charger capable of delivering up to 30 Ampere.

The user could also setup the system according to his needs, choosing between several battery charging methods and different type of battery, including the modern lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors.


Advanced communication

DISCOVERY is equipped with a 5-inch colour Touch Screen display that allows to quickly view and understand the health status of the UPS and the operating conditions of the main components, such as rectifier, batteries, inverter and bypass.

The user interface also includes an intuitive led bar that changes colour depending on the mode and operating conditions.

For advanced control of the UPS, monitoring software is also available, compatible with all major operating systems and network systems.



  • Power up to 40 kVA
  • Power Factor 1
  • Efficiency up to 96.6%
  • Volume less than 0.34 m³
  • Available in 3:3, 3:1 and 1:1 mode
  • Three level Inverter IGBT high frequency
  • DSP dual core microprocessor
  • Parallel operation up to 8 units
  • Integrated clean contact board with 4 programmable inputs and 5 programmable outputs
  • Built-in standard COLD START FUNCTION
  • Speed-controlled fans
  • Programmable intelligent sockets
  • 5-inch colour Touch Screen display
  • SLIM (DSS) and EXTRA (DSX) versions available on request

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