GTEC single phase ups


Power range: 6 – 10 kVA


Equipped with output Power Factor 1 and efficiency of up to 98%, SHIELD is the best single-phase double conversion UPS for IT applications.

The UPS is made with the state of art technology and components, all enclosed in a very compact sized tower case.



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Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 98% mean the best performance for a single-phase UPS


Coated PCBs

Higher protection and reliability, even for harsh environments


Digital control battery charger

SHIELD provides maximum flexibility in battery management, extending battery expected life


Find out the single-phase UPS evolution

SHIELD represents the state of the art in the Online single-phase UPS field.

Inside a modern and very small case, GTEC was able to enclose the maximum technical evolution, making a UPS with excellent performance and a very high energy efficiency.

With 6 kVA and 10 kVA versions available, SHIELD is the ideal solution for servers and IT systems protection, as well as for security and telecommunication systems.



Best performance

Since the design phase GTEC took care about every single detail of SHIELD series, making an Uninterruptible Power Supply that feels unrivaled in the single-phase UPS class.

The system is equipped with the best technology available, such as the IGBT rectifier and the DSP digital control, and it can reach up to 10kVA power, with parallel option also available up to 4 units.

Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 98% are tangible proof of the extraordinary work done by our technicians on this UPS, that also offers one of the smallest and lowest weighted cabinet available on the market.


Complete battery management

SHIELD is equipped with a digitally controlled battery charger that allows unmatched flexibility level for battery management.

You can change the charge current, as well as you can choose between two levels of charge voltage, Float and Boost, just like higher power size UPS can usually do.

These functions, as well as programmable discharge test, allow to optimize batteries setting and management, extending their expected life.


High flexibility

There are many parameters available to customize the UPS upon your wish. Besides some ordinary options, such as SNMP card and Dry Contacts, SHIELD can be setup with 16 or 20 internal batteries according to user’s specific needs.

Maximum flexibility is also guaranteed by the chance to set the system with 110 Volt output voltage, so as to satisfy a wide range of installation requirements.

Additional battery cabinets are also available for each model, in order to increase autonomy, as well as the super charger version (KS version).



  • Power up to 10 kVA
  • Power Factor 1
  • Efficiency up to 95% with Normal Mode and up to 98% with Eco Mode
  • Coated PCBs
  • Digitally controlled battery charger
  • Programmable battery test
  • Fan speed control
  • Parallel operation up to 4 units
  • Small size tower case
  • LCD display
  • 110 Volt output voltage version available


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