There’s a new arrival within GTEC UPS range: the new SHIELD series is now available!


Equipped with output Power Factor 1 and efficiency of up to 98%, SHIELD is the single-phase double conversion UPS with higher performance on the market. It’s the ideal UPS for IT applications, telecommunications equipment and security systems, but also perfectly fittable to many other applications.


Inside its endearing and compact sized tower case, SHIELD is equipped with the best technology available today, such as the IGBT rectifier, the coated PCBs and the DSP digital control, and it also stands out for a really high customization level.


A wide range of options are available indeed, such as the external battery cabinets, the battery setup choice, or the 110 Volt output voltage system, so to make SHIELD a highly flexible UPS, that is able to meet to the most specific usage needs.


Discover all main features and technical specifications visiting our web page or reading the dedicated brochure.



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