It has been a long-await launch…

But the count-down is finally over!

GTEC is excited to present you DISCOVERY UPS: the new threephase stand-alone solution extremely compact sized and with high performance, like output Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 96.6%.



DISCOVERY system stands out from other threephase UPS because it is the result of a meticulous engineering work that, through the optimisation and miniaturisation of various components, has led to contain the footprint at only 0.32 m², without compromising in terms of reliability and performance.

DISCOVERY series is available in 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 kVA power sizes, and it is manufactured with high quality components such as IGBT inverter, DSP dual core microprocessor and speed-controlled fans.

The UPS also offers excellent autonomy compared to the average of the reference market.

DISCOVERY is designed to contain, up to 2 internal battery strings in the standard version, and it can be equipped with an increased battery charger capable of delivering up to 30 Ampere, so as to meet also the greater autonomy demands.


Learn more details and technical specifications about DISCOVERY on our dedicated product page.

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