We are really proud to announce today our new partnership with GRESINI RACING Team for the 2021 MotoE World Championship.

Since a long time we had the idea to start a prestigious cooperation inside sports world, but the right opportunity wasn’t come yet.
We were looking for a partnership that went beyond the sponsor relationship, and that allow us to link our brand to that of a Partner who shares our same values.
This opportunity came off thanks to GRESINI RACING Team, and in particular in the full electric motorbikes category: the MotoE class.

GRESINI RACING is a Team that needs no introduction for those who follow the two wheels world: an historical Company, a symbol of Italian excellence, which perfectly embodies important values such as fairplay, teamwork and the determination to achieve goals.

In the same way, MotoE is the world championship class that we feel closest to our ideals: a category that is still “young” but which fully represents technological innovation and which is a mirror of the eco-sustainable philosophy that aims to environment safeguarding.

We are really happy to start this new adventure alongside the GRESINI RACING Team which, in the first two years of the MotoE class, it was world champion in the 2019 inaugural season, and vice-champion in 2020.



We report you here below the declarations of Marco Orio, GTEC General Manager, and Carlo Merlini, Sales and Marketing Director of GRESINI RACING.

See you soon for new updates.


Marco Orio – General Manager at GTEC Europe

“We are really proud to begin this partnership today, which links our business to that of a real institution in the world of two wheels: the Gresini family.

I intentionally use the term “family” because GRESINI RACING is a company that goes beyond the concept of a sports Team, gathering a group of people with the same strong passion and characterized by a great team spirit.

Here at GTEC we believe in these same values, and we also share the same fighting spirit oriented to excellence and continuous improvement that marks the Team founded by Fausto Gresini.

That’s why, once we decided to start a sponsorship in the sports field, we felt that GRESINI RACING Team was the best possible choice.

We are also very pleased to link our brand to the MotoE class: a category that first of all means technical avant-garde and innovation, and then it represents some extremely important values that are in common with GTEC philosophy, such as sustainability, environmental care and energy saving”.



Carlo Merlini – Sales Director at GRESINI RACING

“I am really happy to welcome GTEC into the #gresinifamily: a collaboration that is born first of all from values and ideals sharing.

GTEC’s products guarantee power supply and they are perfectly aligned with the MotoE identity. Moreover the attention for environmental issues that gave life to the MotoE category is also part of the GTEC philosophy: a perfect match that will surely spread an important message for GTEC brand promotion.

I would like to particularly thank Marco Orio for trusting our project, and we wish to reward GTEC with another season at the top of the category”.


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