Power CPS 6-100 kVa UPS for emergency application

Power CPS 6-100 kVA

Power range: 6 – 100 kVA


UPS for emergency application

UPS designed to supply emergency alarm devices such as smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detectors and alarm systems. Equipped with intelligent battery management hight overload management, meets the requirements of EN50171 standard.

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Higher overload management

Sized to support continuous overload of up to 120% of rated power with no time limit

Intelligent battery management

Battery charger that guarantees longer backup time with reduced recharging time. 10 years battery life time. Protection against reserved polarity

Emergency EN50171

UPS meets requirements for emergency application according to EN50171

Optimal protection for emergency applications

Power CPS is a UPS on the top in the market in terms of performance available from 6kVA to 15kVA in single phase/ single phase or three phases / single phase version and from 10kVA to 100kVA in three phases/three phases version.

Permanent management of the 120% of the rated load, intelligent battery management and super charger for battery recharging time reduction, recharging voltage variation linked to temperature in order to optimize the battery lifetime.

Protection against reversed polarity connection.

TecnologyRectifier and inverter with IGBT technology
Efficiencyup to 98% in Smart active mode
BatteryLong life Battery up to 10 years, reverse polarity protection, shorter recharging time
ApplicationEmergency devices following EN50171 standard
OverloadUp to 120% of rated load with no time limit

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