Power range: 60 – 120 kVA


NS3000 is the medium power sized threephase UPS equipped with the best technology available today, which provides the highest performance while ensuring quick maintenance operations and easy installation.


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High efficiency

NS3000 reaches 95% efficiency in Normal Mode, and more then 92% efficiency with just 30% of applied load


The system is designed to work at full capacity even in the harshest environments

A technology concentrate!

NS3000 encloses the best of technology available today for a medium powered threephase UPS, inside a compact sized cabinet.

The system can reach up to 120 kVA even with a reduced installation space required, and it is equipped with first-rate solutions such as the digital control (DSP), the IGBT rectifier with PFC technology and the IGBT inverter with high frequency PWM modulation, which allows low noisiness and very low harmonic current distortion to mains.



High efficiency

Thanks to the 3-steps level IGBT technology, as well as an extremely careful selection of high quality components, the NS3000 efficiency is very high compared to the same range UPS models.

The UPS can reach over 95% efficiency on Double Conversion Mode, and over 92% efficiency with just 30% of applied load applied.

This allows significant energy savings and leads to a very short return on investment ROI.


Fittable for industrial environments

NS3000 is equipped with completely coated electronic boards and is designed for easy dust filter housings. The system’s electronic core is also enclosed in a dedicated drawer that provides protection, while at the same time it ensures a simple and fast direct access.

All these features make the UPS extremely robust and suitable even for the harshest environments, such as industrial sites or other critical applications, while ensuring maximum speed of intervention for any maintenance operation.


Flexibility and scalability

NS3000 is characterized by strong flexibility, which allows it to meet installation requirements even when the applied load increases, or if a redundancy level is needed.

The chance to make parallel operation up to 6 units allows the power supplied to be adapted over time to the actual load requirement.

In the same way, the wide range of accepted batteries allows you to set the autonomy level according to any specific installation needs.



  • Power up to 120 kVA
  • Power Factor 0.9
  • Over 95% efficiency in Normal Mode (99% in Eco Mode)
  • Rectifier and inverter with IGBT
  • Digital control DSP
  • Coated PCBs
  • Parallel operations up to 6 units
  • Transformer-less technology with high frequency PWM
  • Automatic and manual battery tests
  • LCD display Touch Screen 7”
  • Compact sized cabined

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