Modular UPS suitable for server rooms


Power range: 10 – 300 kVA


MUST900 is the modular UPS that combines flexibility and technology in an elegant state-of-the-art structure.

The system is built to meet high power loads, up to a maximum of 900 kVA, while ensuring a high level of scalability.




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Hot Swap Modules

The power modules, and also the centralised bypass unit, can be easily replaced thanks to Hot Swap technology.


MUST900 achieves 95% efficiency in Normal Mode and maximizes the service life and performance of the UPS thanks to the Smart Parallel Management.


The system allows you to meet possible increases in power demand by simply adding one or more modules.


MUST900: high performance in a fully Hot Swap modular solution.

MUST900 is the perfect high performance modular UPS to power large server rooms and protect critical loads.

Featuring a fully Hot Swap design, MUST900 allows you to install up to 30 power modules in a parallel configuration, thus reaching a maximum power of 900 kVA in a single solution.



State-of-the-art technology

From the IGBT rectifier to the innovative battery charging system: every single element of MUST900 is designed and manufactured with attention to the smallest details.

The many latest generation components include, for example, the inverter equipped with three-level technology with high-frequency IGBT modulation with PWM guidance, as well as the painted boards that guarantee maximum operation even in the dustiest environments.

The system also features fully Hot Swap modules, as well as a centralised static bypass module.



The flexibility of the modular structure allows for the modules to be replaced easily and quickly when required; it is also possible to work in n+1 redundancy. Each new module inserted is automatically configured according to the new available power thanks to an innovative dedicated function.

MUST900 also allows you to have up to 3 x 300 kVA cabinets in parallel, each equipped with 10 x 30 kVA modules.


Smart Parallel Management

The innovative Smart Parallel Management power module control system maximises the performance and service life of the UPS. Depending on the requirements, the system is indeed able to automatically manage the operation of the modules, switching them on and off according to the load level and operating hours.

The benefits are therefore obvious: increased efficiency, reduced wear of the parts involved and minimised operating costs. This special function is particularly interesting in applications with a high load variability.


Complete and intuitive touch screen display

MUST900 is equipped with a modern and complete 10.4’’ colour touch screen panel which allows for a wide range of parameters to be displayed in digital and analogue-digital form.

Using the display it is possible to record more than 1000 events, thus allowing extremely precise analyses to be carried out, such as checking the condition of the batteries and their operating status, or monitoring the temperature and speed of the fans in the power modules.

The UPS is also equipped with a three-level password system that protects the saved data and limits access to the individual functions.



  • Power up to 300 kVA
  • Power Factor 0.9
  • Up to 95% efficiency
  • Rectifier and inverter with IGBT technology
  • Coated PCB boards
  • LCD display Touch Screen 10,4”
  • Hot swap Bypass module
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Smart Parallel Managament Function

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