Libra Pro, threephase or singlephase UPS

Libra Pro

Power range: 10 – 800 kVA


Reliability of IGBT technology for High Performance Computing centers (HPC)

Libra Pro is available in sigle phase up to 100kVA and three phases up to 800kVA in single frame.

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High efficiency


98% in Ecomode

93% in normal mode double conversion



Il can works in parallel up to 8 unitsto reach the highest power of 6400kVA

Optimal protection system


Remote shutdown in case of emergency, backfeed protection

Uninterruptible power supply for data center and heavy loads

It is the maximum electrical protection combined with a particular strength and a structural flexibility for different applications.

The inverter has an integrated isolation transformer and the rectifier with IGBT technology allows very low current harmonic distortions to the network. Rectifier is available also with SCR (6 or 12 pulses) and with optional selective filters to reduce harmonic distortions. The digital control has DSP (Digital Signal Processor).

It is available in the single phase range from 10kVA to 100kVA, in the three phase range from 10kVA to 800 kVA and in parallel with 8 units up to 6400 kVA.

Main features

  • Isolation output transformer on inverter
  • Wide range of power
  • High efficiency
  • Maximum reliability
  • Flexibility
  • No impact on the mains
  • Intelligent Battery Management


TechnologyInverter with integrated isolation transformer, SCR rectifier 6 or 12 pulse with optional input filter; available IGBT rectifier version for lower input current distortion.
High efficiency98% on ECO MODE  >93% on ON LINE MODE.
FlexibilityNormal Mode, Smart active mode, Stand-by mode, Ecomode, Frequency converter.
ReliabilityIt can work in parallel up to 8 units.
Accurate diagnostic levelDisplay with 128 events.
Protection systemRemote emergency shutdown backfeed protection.
Digital controlDSP with microprocessor.
More informationMimic panel with several languages available, Low audible noise.

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