Central Supply System UPS Shield


Power range: 4.2 – 8.3 kVA


SHIELD CPS is the G-Tec single-phase UPS that meets all requirements imposed by EN-50171 and EN-62040 standards, with top level performance at the same time.

This UPS system is expressly designed for critical applications bonded by safety standards, such as emergency lighting, fire protection systems and smoke alarms.





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Emergency EN50171


SHIELD CPS fully meets the requirements for emergency applications, according to the CEI EN-50171 standard



Power Factor 1 and efficiency up to 98% mean the best performance available in the single-phase CSS sector

A real shield for emergency applications

SHIELD CPS is the single-phase UPS designed for emergency applications, in compliance with EN-50171 and EN-62040 standards.
With five different power sizes available, from 4.2 to 8.3 kVA, SHIELD CPS guarantees the maximum protection level even in the harshest environmental conditions, and it is the ideal solution for critical applications such as fire extinguishing systems, emergency lighting, smoke extraction equipment and carbon monoxide detection devices.



Optimized battery management

The digital battery charger allows to achieve the best performance, extending batteries’ lifetime and optimizing charging time. SHIELD CPS guarantees battery charge up to 80% in a maximum time of 12 hours.


Best overload capacity

SHIELD CPS’s inverter is designed to manage overloads up to 120% of nominal power without any time limit, so to provide a wide power reserve.


Flexible autonomy

The UPS can be sized according to load and autonomy requested by customer. It is possible to install 16 to 24 batteries in a single battery cabinet according to specific requirements, without any restrictions.


High power density

SHIELD CPS has a strongly reduced volume and weight compared to similar single-phase CSS available on market. The UPS is extremely easy to install or transport, also facilitating any maintenance operation.



  • Power up to 8.3kVA
  • Compliant with EN-50171 standard
  • Power Factor 1
  • Efficiency 95% for Normal mode and 98% for Eco Mode
  • Settable digital battery charger
  • 10 years long life batteries
  • LCD display

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