A new era begins…


Today we are very proud to announce the arrival of the new MATRIX series, which represents a real revolution in GTEC Online Single-Phase UPS portfolio.


Are you curious to find out what’s new with MATRIX?



MATRIX is an extremely flexible and high performances series that easily meets the installation needs of any user.


The range is divided in tower model (MATRIX) and rack model (MATRIX RT), both available in 5 different power sizes: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 kVA with 1/1 configuration and 10 kVA size with 3/1 configuration.


For all models, the KS version is also available with a higher power battery charger (settable) which allows to connect higher capacity batteries, via external cabinets, thus ensuring extended autonomy to the entire system.


MATRIX series also represents a great engineering result: an UPS that can reach top of the market performance, such as Power Factor 1 over the entire range and an efficiency up to 95% in Normal Mode, even in a small-sized structure.


Click here below to visit MATRIX pages with all the information and data sheets.

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