In 2020 GTEC started a new and ambitious evolution process, following its nature as a dynamic Company that constantly aims at improvement.

This is a wide project that will bring large innovations both for products and for services as well, involving the whole Company at 360 degrees, in order to create bigger value and to offer complete and more efficient solutions to our partners and customers.


Restyling plan: phase 1

The first step of this new exciting journey was of course to update our most important symbol: the Company logo.

GTEC logo has been changed today, better fitting for a more technological and modern scenario, but still keeping its original design, because origin and traditions are essential values for us, and they are always a big part of our company philosophy.

Just like GTEC pursues progress and innovation every day, in the same way the “G” on our logo now takes shape of a real arrow that heads upwards, as in a spiral, representing the improvement boost that always drives our actions.

Kaizen and Continuous Improvement philosophies are indeed two big pillars of our Company’s job: we strongly believe in this value, so we wanted to engrave it also inside our identifying symbol.


  ” It is not enough to do your best:

you must know what to do, and then do your best. “

– W. E. Deming –