Modular UPS MUST 400


Power range: 10 – 400 kVA


Modular UPS with 19″ standard power modules.

Modular uninterruptible power supply, UPS, suitable for big informatic center.


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More security


In case of failure of one module, the latter will be automatically excluded without supply interruption of the others

High Efficency


The digital control has DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and the efficiency is very high, more than 95%



MUST 10-400 guarantees the minimum initial investment by scaling the system to the real need. The modularity allows to follow the future increase in power required by simply inserting one or more modules

Equipments for big computing centers and critical applications

The UPS, standard 19’’ modules housed in the cabinet, work in parallel sharing the load to be provided and, in case of failure of one module, the latter will be automatically excluded without supply interruption of the others.For this reason MUST10-400 series is particularly adapted for supply critical loads such as data centermodulo ups modulare MUST 10-400

Modular MUST 400 is designed to avoid the systems downtime and minimizes repairing times through the modular concept, since it is possible at any time to replace the power module reducing the MTTR. Power module replacement doesn’t need to transfer the system in bypass and therefore doesn’t become necessary shutdowns of servers or other equipment supplied by the UPS.

UPS modulare MUST 10-400  MUST400 series offered many advanteges such as:

  • Sizing according to the acctual power required by the load or computer system
  • Permit the system redundancy with minimum cost thanks to one power module added
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Higher reliability compared to traditional UPS
  • Faster and cheaper maintenance activities
  • Centralized static bypass for higher reliability

Total digital control with DSP, high efficiency up to 95%.

MUST400 series three phases from 10kVA to 200kVA is configurable in 3 cabinet type:

  • MUST400-120 suitable for up to 6 power modules
  • MUST400-200 suitable for up to 10 power modules
  • MUST400-60 suitable for 3 power modules with internal hot-swappable battery box

Power modules available: 10kVA or 20kVA.

Possibility to set parallel function of 2 cabinet in order to reach 400kVA.

High efficiencyHigh performance, up to 95%
ScalabilitySizing system based on the real demand, possibility to increase the power available in the future
ControlDigital with DSP (Digital Signal Processor), IGBT three levels inverter technology
Number of power modulesPossible to install up to 10 power modules in each cabinet for 200kVA available in total, easy and fast power module replacement without any extra setting
SafetyThe power module damaged is automatically escluded without interruption and the load is supplied by the remained power modules.

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