Saturn online double conversion UPS,


Power range: 60 – 200 kVA


SATURN is the medium-high power threephase UPS suitable to supply a wide range of devices such as server, data centre, telecommunication and security systems.

The system, is made with the latest generation technologies and it can achieve high performance: Power Factor up to 1 and an operating efficiency up to 96%.

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High efficiency


Power Factor up to 1 and efficiency 96% are parameters of excellence for the threephase stand-alone UPS category.

Smart Active


The UPS automatically determines whether to operate in Online Mode or in Eco Mode according to the collected statistical data of the mains.

SATURN: an aster of technology in the universe of threephase UPS

SATURN series, available up to 200 kVA, is made with state of the art technology such as the IGBT rectifier with very low current distortions to the network, the high frequency three level inverter and the DSP Microprocessor-based digital control.

The system, thanks to these latest generation components, achieves high performance and efficiency, up to 96% in Normal Mode, thus allowing significant savings in terms of operating costs.



Minimum impact on the mains

Among its advantages, SATURN is designed to have a nearly zero impact on the power source: this is possible thanks to the use of highly technological features such as DSP microprocessors and IGBT power components.

The minimum impact on the mains is moreover guaranteed by the input rectifier with PFC and by the possibility to set the rectifier START DELAY or SOFT START functions.


Smart battery management

SATURN is equipped with an advanced battery monitoring system that monitors and optimizes batteries performance, lengthening their operating lifetime.

The user can schedule battery test to check the battery status, as well as he can use optional temperature control and voltage recharging balance control, in order to avoid batteries excessive recharge and overheating.

The system is also provided with protection against slow discharge.


Advanced communication

The UPS is equipped with a highly advanced communication system and, through the multifunction Display, it is able to provide very detailed information about measures, state and alarms, available in 8 different languages.

SATURN also supports all operating systems and network, including monitoring and shutdown software, even through SNMP board.



  • Power up to 200 kVA
  • Power Factor 0.9 (Power Factor 1 for 160 to 200 kVA models)
  • Up to 96% efficiency in normal mode
  • High frequency rectifier and IGBT inverter
  • Digital control with DSP
  • Parallel operations up to 6 units
  • Scheduled battery test
  • Protection againt slow-discharge
  • 5” LCD Display
  • 3 slots available for optional accessories installation
  • Dual input available as standard for 125 to 200 kVA power sizes
  • Smart Ventilation

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