TP130 UPS line-interactive with AVR

UPS line interactive TP130N with AVR

Power range: 1100 – 3000 VA


Compact UPS tower-rack convertible highly techology, ensures more safety for domestic PCs and small offices.

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Tower or Rack


TP130N can be indifferently used as a tower or as a module in 19″ rack cabinet

Protection system


The system produces a warning signal and it turns off  automatically if a overload or a short circuit occurs



Easy battery replacement

Line interactive UPS for telecomunication and networking

Performances similar to on line solution, output perfect sine wave and available longer backup time thanks to added battery box.

Microprocessor control with AVR, LCD display, can be used indifferently as tower or as rack in 19″ rack cabinet.
Available 1100VA, 1500VA, 2000VA, 3000VA version.

Main features:

  • Perfect sine wave.
  • Powerful charger with input PFC
  • Tower or rack configuration
  • Available standard model and longer backup time thanks to added super charger
  • Communication serial ports can work with interface slot installed
  • Easy HOT-SWAPPABLE battery
  • COLD START function
TechnologySelectable output voltage, Automatic voltage regulation AVR Buck-Boost type, Perfect output sine wave, microprocessor control
FlexibilityGreen power function for backup time management in case of not load connected
Battery managementHot-swappable battery design, easy battery replacement (up to 3kVA). Backup time expanding, advanced battery management
OptionalSMNP, Dry-contact, AS400
Protection systemIf overload occurs the system issues acustic signal, in presence of short circuit the UPS switch off automatically

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