Stabilizzatore trifase STK

Threephase voltage stabilizer STK

STK are threephase voltage stabilizers that maintain a constant output voltage also in case of mains variations.

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Voltage regulation through the average value

STK 003-300, T series: three phase stabilizer from 3kVA to 300kVA. The neutral connection is not necessary.

Indipendent voltage regulation on each phase.

STK 003-450, Y series: three phase stabilizer from 3kVA to 450kVA. The neutral connection is necessary.

Maintains a constant output voltage.

The GTEC stabilizers provide a costant output voltage within narrow limits even in the presence of large variations of the mains. They protect from damage due to fluctuations of the mains voltage. Stabilizers STK three phases series based on the regulation type are divided into: STK T series (three-phases from 3 kVA to 300kVA – Voltage regulation by the average value, the neutral connection is not needed) and STK Y series (three-phases from 3kVA to 450kVA – indipendent voltage regulation on single phase, the neutral connection is needed). The stabilizers STK series are electromechanical type with electronic control, able to provide a three phases output voltage perfectly constant for any value of the mains voltage included in the adjustment range. These stabilizers are particularly indicated in all cases in which is required rigorously constant voltages for supplying electrical and electronic equipment. The stabilizers STK are insensitive to the value and the power factor of the load, don’t introduce harmonic distortion (<0.2%), have a high efficiency and a low weight/power ratio.

Input Voltage400V
Load Variation Range0-100%
Phase Unbalanced‹ 50% for T, – 100% for Y
Output Voltage Accuracy+/- 1%
Max Overload150% / 1min
Load Power Factor0-1
Efficiency> 98%
Voltage Distortion:‹ 0,2%
Speed Regulation‹ 20msec/V
CoolingNatural convention or forced convention
Ambient temperature-10 ÷ +45 °C
Relative humidity‹ 96%
ColourRAL 7032
ProtectionIP 21

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