Static Switch ATS16

Static power transfer switch ATS 16

ATS 16 is a static changeover switch that ensures continuity of power supply for enhanced safety and reliability.

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Electical continuity guaranteed

The 2-pole ATS-16 is a two ways, single phase automatic switch powered by two independent synchronous or asyncronous AC power supply sources.

Protection against power supply failures

If one of the two power sources fails or out of range, ATS-16 will transfer the connected loads to the second power source.

Protection against load failures

If a fault occurs with one of the loads (for example due to a shortcircuit or overload) ATS-16 will disconnect the load to prevent disruption to the others.

Static switch for protection against the lack of network and problems with the load.

A static switch is a device capable of transferring both automatically and manually one or more electrical loads from a primary power source (single-phase said network A) to another secondary (single phase said network B) and viceversa. Static switch improves electical supply continuity. The use of this equipment ensures an higher reliability level than achieved using a single UPS (on-line with automatic bypass) or several UPS in parallel.

System decription

The 2-pole ATS-16 is a two ways, single phase automatic switch powered by two independent synchronous or asynchronous AC power supply sources. The ATS-16 makes a rapid switch from one source to the other in the event of a fault of the power supply used to supply the load. One of the two sources can be designated as the preferred power supply, to which the ATS16 will transfer the load. It remains there until different designations or faults that requires to be switched in the other source. The ATS-16 is fitted with a block diagram with LED indicators, capable of providing all information concerning equipment operation status, together with the power source priority selection button BP2 permit to the operators to make full use of the ATS-16.

Input rated voltage230V (220/230/240V selectable)
Operative range160 ÷ 290Vac
Input voltage rangeNominal voltage +/- 12% +/-20%
Rated current16A
Rated frequency50/60Hz selectable
Input frequency rangeNominal frequency +/- 15%
Transfer time15ms
InputIEC 320-C20 x 2
OutputIEC 320-C19 x 1, IEC 320-C13-3 x 2

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