Single phase voltage stabilizer SMK

Single phase voltage stabilizer SMK

Single phase voltage stabilizer for electronic equipments. SMK protects from damage caused by mains voltage fluctuations.

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Electronic Control

SMK is provided with electronic control which ensures an output voltage perfectly costant and stable.

High efficency

Not introducing harmonic distorsion SMK has high efficiency (over 98%) and low power/weight ratio.

LED Signal

From SMK 01 to SMK 15 range are provided with a lamp indicator as standard.

Voltage stabilizer with electronic control for electrical and electronic equipment

G-Tec voltage Stabilizers supply constant output voltage within very small variation limits even if high input mains voltage variations occur. They protect from damages due to fluctuations of the mains. They are electronically controlled and their efficiency is very high, more than 98%. Voltage stabilizer GTEC SMK 01 ÷45 series are electromechanical type with electronic control and are able to provide an output single phase voltage perfectly constant for any value of the input voltage included in the adjustment range. These stabilizers are particularly indicated in all cases in which you require rigorously constant voltages for powering electrical and electronic equipment. The stabilizers SMK are insensitive to the value and the power factor of the load, don’t introduce harmonic distortion (<0.2%), have an high efficiency and a low weight / power ratio. The version from SMK 01 to SMK 15 are equipped with LED indicator for working status indication, the other size are equipped with analogue voltmeter. (voltmeter and digital ammeter or network analyzer can be supplied as options)

Input Voltage230 V
Frequency50-60 Hz
Load Variation Range0 – 100%
Output Voltage Accuracy+/- 1%
Max Overload 150 % / 1 min
Load Power Factor0-1
Efficiency< 98 %
Voltage Distortion< 0.2 %
Speed Regulation< 20msec/V
CoolingNatural convention
Ambient temperature-10 ÷ +45°C
Relative humidity < 96%
ColourRAL 7035 / 7028
ProtectionIP 21

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