Equipped Data centers room

Guardian SH

Equipped Data Centers Room ready to work

It is the ideal solution for small and medium Data Centers, a small equipped data center room ready to work.

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Hot Swap

It is the possibility to replace a module without shutting down the system

Equipped small data center room ready to work

System of modular air-conditioned cabinets

Guardian SH is an equipped small data center room ready to work: the ideal solution for small and medium Data Centers.

Guardian SH sala informatica attrezzata pronta all'iusoGuardian SH is composed of modular air-conditioned cabinets equipped with UPS, fire extinguisher modules, PDU, batteries, cooling modules with Gas or Water, remote alarm transmission module and security devices.

Guardian SH is designed to host IT equipment in an environment which ensures correct operation and safety.

Guardian SH reduces necessary space, investment costs, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Guardian SH is available with cooling module range from 8kW to 32kW and with customized solutions on request.

Guardian SH:

  • optimized space, don’t need a special room
  • investiment costs reduced
  • reduces operating costs and maintenance costs
  • it is a flexible solution for the future

The modular UPS ensure electrical continuity and protection from disorders, with these benefits:

  • Noise free
  • high efficiency
  • Hot swap
  • Redundancy



Cooling systemcooling modules with Gas or Water
Data communication moduleremote comunication via ethernet or mobile
Version availablecooling module range from 8kW to 32kW and with customization on request

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