Last 17th and 18th October 2015 at Riga Business School Alumni Auditorium the new Guardian SH has been presented.

Participants found answers on questions like:

  • alternatives to server room
  • how to reduce room and time needed to create a datacenter?
  • how to reduce datacenter installation and running costs?
  • energy efficiency in datacenters
  • how to get easily expandable system?

More than 40 people attended the event and among participants there were distributors and also computer producers. The interest was very high and the meeting very successful.

The presentation took place in two sessions: the theoretical part of Guardian SH was delivered in the morning. Particularly it was explained the main issues that affect the choices and costs for setup of a datacenter, the space, ambient air treatment, electrical power, safety, monitoring and timing of implementation.

In the afternoon, the centralized monitoring software was introduced in all parts, even carrying out a practical session with our technicians. It was possible to test different situation: normal working and alarms. Significant is the role of such supervision because the system is fully controlled and it reports any failure or malfunction by e-mail or SMS.