Infoconnect is one of the most professionally organized trade shows in Kuwait, held in Kuwait  City from the 25th January until the 2nd of February 2013, dedicated exclusively to the computer applications and information technology sector. The Infoconnect Kuwait show ranks high on the polularity count, drawing in a large number of exhibitors as well as qualified business visitors at each of its editions.

The line of products put on exhibit at the show is quite extensive and includes computer peripherals, IT security tools, software solutions, data warehousing systems and a host of other related services and accessories. The show draws in active participation from eminent professionals from both the public as well as the private sectors and the latest innovations and developments in the IT industry are closely looked into here.

Gtec Europe was still represented by his exclusive Kuwait distributor, Diamond Falcon Trading which presented the whole range of products: monophases, threephases and modular UPS and especially the Guardian SH, a datacenter in a rack.

Diamond Falcon Trading, with more than 20 years of experience in that field, can supply Gtec products to all the Kuwait companies and turn-key support. Kuwait is the eleventh richest country in the world per capital and his market is the most promising in the world, alongside BRIC’s country: for this reason, Diamond Falcon has been one of the most growth customers since 2012 for Gtec.