With satisfaction and pride we announce that the new training room has been inaugurated. It aims to be the highlight of Gtec training proposal.

Gtec has always considered training as essential and strategic, as an important mean to support its clients and distributors to ensure the best solution for their own customers.

For Gtec, products reliability and training to its partners are two of the most important elements to achieve a high quality standard and thus ensure a better experience.

As a confirmation of this we can see the success of 2015 training proposal, which saw a large participation at any time during the year:

  • 6 technical courses and 10 technical/commercial courses at Vicenza headquarters
  • 2 technical courses by two multinational prominent industries
  • visitors coming from over 14 countries of EMEA market.

The results achieved in the polls underline the high technical standard adopted in the courses and the customer care which have always characterized Gtec style.

We consider extremely important to have the possibility to communicate openly with our customers looking for valuable hints to drive business strategy towards the achievement of the highest standards of quality.

Gtec offers two training proposals:

  • Technical/Commercial Training: this is dedicated to partners and customers which work in the commercial field. It has the aim to provide the sales people with the tools which allow them to offer the best solution to the end user. It also provides technical knowledge on the main features of the UPS and the fundamentals for the proper installation of the same. The expected duration is 2 days.
  • Service Training: this is dedicated to installers and service technicians, its aim is to analyze in detail the technical aspects of operation, installation and analysis of faults. This course is more practical than the previous one. It will last for three days, and it is mainly practical.

The courses for Gtec partners and clients are completely free of charge. The participation to the courses is allowed also to possible companies interested in the product, but its number is limited in order to ensure their best effectiveness.