Gtec is one of the leading company in Europe in the developement of UPS. The Uninterruptible Power Supply by Gtec are designed to ensure the top level of reliability.

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Maximum flexibility in your hand

Discover the innovative modular system Gtec: compact, easy and safe!

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New MUST900

Touch the future!
Gtec is proud to introduce the new generation of modular systems with power up to 900 kVA.

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New ZY120

Install and forget!
Gtec with proud announces the new on-line single phase UPS range. Performance, reliability and strength merged in this new product range.

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The development of information technology even at the household level has increased in recent years the need for clean power supply against voltage variations in the small domestic applications and small offices (Small Office-Home Office). Gtec offers a wide range for this type of applications.


Systems that require a secure power supply, reliable and above all scalable to follow the increase of the power required of the supply. For this type of application, it is so much appreciated the modular design of the UPSs


Applications that require a secure supply to the power critical loads of the medium-high ppowers. Particularly competitive in this category UPS standalone that their efficiency and cost make the difference.


Power supply of critical loads inside industrial sites even in the presence of hostile environments for the presence of critical powders and temperatures and power devices with high current consumption.



Particular applications to power devices in the security (lighting, fire prevention, smoke extraction,…). It is UPS, identificable in the category of rescuers, witch are subject to standard EN50171 (CPSS: Central Power Supply System) and guarantee reliability, guaranteed minimum autonomy and better overload handling.

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G-Tec training courses

Training course season ended with December 2017. G-Tec people are really proud about this asset: we strongly believe in it, so we are going to increase our efforts and investments for next year. Training overview This year we offered two different kind of courses, to...

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New collaboration with Azenn Group

G-Tec France is proud to have the possibility to announce the new collaboration with AZENN group, specialized in infrastructures and services for installers of LAN network, telecommunications and security. The proximity, the service, the technicality of this group are...

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